Neuropsychological Services

NCFII now offers neuropsychological services including neuropsychological assessments and neurocognitive retraining for a variety of medical conditions and disorders.  These services can be helpful for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults.

Neuropsychological assessments are more extensive assessments that can gain a more complete picture of a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  Together with medical history, social history, behavioral observations, and specific tests, a neuropsychological evaluation can aid with diagnosis, treatment planning, accommodations, and understanding how a person thinks.

Neuropsychological assessments look at different cognitive domains including: attention, memory, visual-spatial/visual perceptual abilities, executive functioning, motor, sensory, emotional/personality, and language.  Additional abilities can be assessed such as functional abilities (hygiene, judgement, daily living), behaviors, and academics.

Neurocognitive rehabilitation/retraining is a specialized form of therapy focused on developing and improving specific domains like attention, language, memory, executive functions, and information processing.  These abilities can be impaired due to many different reasons including stroke, concussion/traumatic brain injury, medical conditions, neurodevelopmental reasons, and general aging.  Therefore, like athletics or running a marathon, neurocognitive retraining “trains” the brain to “think better”.  By using specific approaches, games/computer programs, and techniques, individuals can improve their brain performance and everyday skills even after stroke, brain injury, neurodevelopmental issues, and medical illness.